Tuesday, March 3, 2009


For The Love of Ray J 3/2/2009 episode.

Lil Hood finally expressed herself after several episodes of Ray J ignoring her. On this specific episode she told him she was there for him, but then he said he was not there for her...Hearing that shit hurt her. You could see it all in her face.

Earlier tonight there was a discussion as to why Rihanna was getting back with Chris Brown. Someone said it was because she was too attached to him. She couldn't just let go. But damn, a man hitting woman like he hit her must've hurt, right??

Back to Lil Hood: It was apparent weeks ago that Ray J was not feeling her, so why did she continue to try and get him??? Was it the love of the chase? Or was it so sooner or later she would feel that God awful pain of rejection???

After all, men are not chasing after women anymore. Well, seems like men are not chasing. Women are breaking their necks to please men and most of the time women are breaking their necks for men who don't even like them. Why must women put themselves through this torture? Is it that the chase gives women more hope that the man they are chasing after will sooner or later see the intelligent woman in front of them? Or is it for the pain? Does pain feel that good or it that pain makes women stronger...

After all, people in general are taught that they have to make mistakes in order to learn to make the right choices....


Men, if you and all your homeboys have had sex with a girl and before you did it you already knew she was loose, guess what>>>>she is not the only one that is a hoe...Get tested..As a matter of fact, go celibate so the STD rate among blacks will go down.

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