Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Latest Noticings...

Lately, there have been some interesting happens...
Just thought I'd point them out to you

Larry King Live: It's Wednesday and Larry King was not hosting the Larry King Live Show. This has become a normal occurance lately. I don't know about you but I always thought Larry King would stick it out and never take a break. In fact, I imagined watching him on tv one night talking and next thing I know he's dead on camera...Hey, it makes great television.

Octomom: The octomom now has her own daycare center of people (costs of taking care of all kids over a $100,000) and a brand new home. So, is that how it works now?? Do something real stupid and then beg the public for help? Try it and tell me how it goes.

Chris/Rihanna: Since the beating Chris laid on Rihanna a month ago their names have been in the media everyday. How long do you think this Chris Brown/Rihanna talk is going to last?

For The Love of Ray J: In case you haven't heard the baby is not Ray J's. In fact, Danger is not even pregnant. She lied.

Reality TV: There seems to be a lot of people who do not take reality tv seriously at all. They think the shows are dumb and it's all just made up. Well, guess what? Those are real people. When they are on camera they are real and when they are off camera they are the exact same way..Plus, there are people all around you that act the exact same way.

Michael Jackson: He is still performing..supposedly (well, reportedly) this is his last tour and today it was announced that there are going to be more performances added to the tour.

Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil helped the octomom get a new home and the perfect people to watch her children. Isn't this what Oprah used to do??? Would you run to Dr. Phil for help?

Taniqka Ray: Taniqka Ray (cohost of Showbiz tonight) changed her hairstyle. Do you think it looked better before?

Nickelodeon: There seems to always be someone protesting against Nickelodeon. They protested at Sean Kingston's song "Suicidal" and now they have protested against Chris Brown nomination on Nickelodeon. Now, they want Rihanna to be dropped from the nominations too. Of course children watch Nickelodeon, but do parents really watch that station??? Do you think they should have never been nominated??? Or do you think parents of Nickelodeon watchers need to sit down somewhere???

Well, that's all for now...but until next time.

copywritten by Lashuntrice

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