Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Tough Love- This past Sunday Vh1's newest reality show "Tough Love" started. It is a very good show, but it brought out one big thing. While many women have a lack of self confidence, many of them do not know how to fix the problems they have. Some of these women were perfectly fine. They looked great, but they just didn't know how to have pride for themselves. Last year I interviewed women for Women's History Month and many of them did not care to celebrate it. I thought then that it was just the women who I interviewed, but this show showed that women need to start over and learn how to love themselves.

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Women do model, strip, and become video girls to work their way through college. If you don't believe me just watch ET's newest reality show "Candy Girls." Also, on this show Danielle, the owner of the agency, teaches women that if you look beautiful then you can be successful. After all, she said it worked for her.

Speaking of beauty being successful, it always seemed as though the sexy women were what attracted people to Vegas and nothing could stop peope from going. Guess that was wrong because since the economy went sour the city of Vegas has been losing money. Even more over 300 businesses have pulled out of vacation packages to Vegas so the companies could save money. Ooh, even Vegas can't excape from the loss of money during these hard times...

While Vegas is hurting from the loss of money from regular people and businesses not everyone is complaining about money. AIG workers still managed to receive over a million dollars worth of bonuses. While CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News is complaining, the workers aren't. They are rich.

This year it seemed like there were more people celebrating Saint Patricks Day. It is not that many Irish people in the world or is it?? Actually, I think this holiday gave people an excuse to get drunk, but as a journalist my opinion does not matter.

Speaking of opinions Nancy Grace seems to have been going easy on everyone involved in the Haleigh Cummings dissappearance. Is it just me or are you wondering when she's going to come out and start interrogating everyone herself???

And last but not least I've come to realize lately that I really like reading blogs like...
and many, many more...

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More to come later in the week...but until then "Love yourself because if you don't love you then who will"

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