Monday, September 14, 2009


My song of the week expresses how I feel sometimes. Sometimes people just get on my nerves. Today was no different, except it was not people working my nerves.

It was the television company...

I was excited earlier today when I heard Whitney Houston was going to be on Oprah. I rarely watch Oprah because her show is just not interesting anymore. However, Whitney Houston is a diva who noone can fall out of love with so I just had to watch it today.
Well, that did not happen. At the time Oprah was supposed to be on, the local stations (channel 9 for me) was showing a tennis match. I was mad because I really wanted to see Whitney Houston. Then I saw that they rescheduled it for a later time. Well, that later time turned out to be on another channel, a channel that is not available on regular cable.

So, yeah comcast screwed with my mind. I then decided to look on the internet. Usually I can find everything on the internet, but I could not find that interview at all.

I did find this video, however. The name of the song is I Look to You and it's beautiful.

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