Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Lessons- Partially Serious/Good Man

Since school started I've learned...
Most people are only partially serious.

This statement can relate to several things.

*One being love--
Usually when people take chances on finding love they are only partially serious. They believe what they say, but they don't have the confidence to believe they'll get the response they want. (Hence the breathtaking feeling of love/like being given back).

Now in the process of finding love we have to figure out what type of man/woman we want to be with.

I've learned that...
*Saying I want a good man is not a good enough description--
A good man can leave me open to any man and just because a good man approaches me does not mean he is the man for me.

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  1. u have a nice style. your blogg is hip! it would be interesting to have a conversation with you one day. It seems that you have good sense,LOL