Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pet Peeves- Regrets

I saw someone today and that person inspired this pet peeve...

Regrets make the world go round. There's a homework assignment someone didn't do today and they are going to regret it. There's a sixteen year old who probably found out she is pregnant today and the daddy doesn't like her anymore so she's regretting ever getting with him. Bill Clinton probably regretted being with Monica Lewinsky. Obama at one point probably regretted running for president. Plus, there are things that I regret but none of this stuff can be changed.

So, regrets make the world go round but they are such a pet peeve of mine.

*When I think of regrets I get mad cause I made the decision to do whatever I regretted.

*When I think of regrets I get mad cause I can't press the rewind button.

*When I think of regrets I get mad because I have to live with those regrets for the rest of my life and one day come to a conclusion of how to appreciate those moments in life. Do you really want to appreciate moments you don't want to remember?

*Hopefully I will not regret writing this...

So REGRETS...I hate them but what I hate most is that I will probably do something in the future and regret it...UGH!!!

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