Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When A Man Asks Why We Love Wigs & Makeup...

Recently a man from my past decided to inbox me on Facebook. I had not spoken to him in any way in a good five years. I literally forgot his name until he found me online again.  He explained at the beginning that he was tipsy, so I knew whatever he was going to say would get kind of crazy. Instead of focusing on the crazier stuff he said, we'll focus on one particular question he asked. He wanted to know why I wear wigs and makeup.

I don't actually wear a lot of makeup. I love loud ass blue eyeshadows (sometimes the green eyeshadows too) and $25- $30 wigs. I'm currently wearing one that is still looking good on week 3. Why I love the wigs really shouldn't matter to him. I like different looks, can afford to buy different types of wigs, and I'm happy.

Why do men ask about things they're not paying for? Even if I was wearing a different wig every week it wouldn't matter because the money isn't coming out of his pockets. I'm not dating him. He's not even on my radar of men I'm interested in. Plus there are bloggers getting major attention for changing up their hairstyles. They get paid to show off new looks.

Plus I'm young and having fun. Let me have my fun in peace.

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