Thursday, October 8, 2015

Less Than 12 Hours On Plenty Of Fish

This is the story of a girl who couldn't handle a dating site called Plenty of Fish. That girl is me.

I download the app on my lovely iPhone at 6 pm on a Tuesday. 35 men (maybe more) sent me messages. There were some unread messages because I got tired of scrolling down and replying. There were over 90 notifications of men wanting to meet me, but you have to upgrade to find out who they are. It showed that 45 men (42 when I took the screenshot) in all viewed my profile and there were notifications that a couple of them favorited my profile. Oh, although there is an option to swipe left and right, I only swiped at the most of 5 times because I didn't need to.

Doesn't that sound exhausting to you? Out of those 35 men, around 33 of them wanted me to give out my number but lucky for me, I wasn't in a giving mood. I told a couple of them to request me on Facebook.

There was one guy with hypnotizing hazel eyes. His profile said 24, which will be five years younger than me at the end of the month. I thought he was too young, but at the same time he started up the chat first. I had made a Facebook post about him and then told him to request me. Upon seeing my page he mentioned that he wasn't really 24. He's actually 37. According to him, POF wouldn't let him fix his age. That was disappointing. If his age wasn't accurate, were his hazel eyes also a lie?

 By the time I fell asleep at 3 am I was so tired of the notifications that I removed the app from my phone. I wanted to delete my profile, but there is no option for that.

I want to date, but not the men at work. These free dating sites don't seem to be working. I used to meet men at clubs, but men at the club aren't looking for relationships. Men on the dating sites aren't looking for relationships either. Maybe I'll just go chill at a bar and talk to strangers. That could lead to somewhere. It might be a new man or it might be alcoholism. We'll see.

What's most confusing about meeting men is that foundation. I want to start off as friends and work from there. I don't really want to have discussions about sexual positions when I barely know his last name. Even if I wanted to have sex, I'd at least need to know if there's any sexually chemistry between us and Oh I did meet some men from Tinder and wrote about it. Click the link to read the post.

P.S. My birthday is on the 30th. How does a girl celebrate going into the last year of her 20's? Yes, I'll be 29.

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