Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Dress Looked Better Online

After a month and some days my packages finally arrived.

That's how long it takes to get clothes from a website like Rose Gal. See, the only reason this particular site was on my radar is because the Facebook ad came up. Well, another reason is because I don't get paid enough to afford Nasty Gal clothing, so I have to settle for the cheaper option.

Anyway, I received the clothes and a dress I was anxiously waiting for looked pretty on the website. It had soft fabric and was short on the model. I guess the model was tall, because it wasn't that short on me. Just look at the picture. The fabric isn't the same either. I would feel like I got ripped off, but the dress was on sale for $12 (I think).

Oh well, that's what I get for not going to Rainbow for my cheap winter clothes. I would add links to these websites, but none are paying me.

P.S. Maybe the dress will look better once I pair it with some cute shoes and a belt to give it some shape.

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