Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Introduction to "Woman Manifested"

This is the official introduction to Woman Manifested.
"See I woke up happy…Thought I had all I needed… education, degrees, the “white girl” grammar, the “almost” perfect body, the friendly attitude, the willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams mood…Because someone once said, “Do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do” and after years of struggling to obtain something I thought I needed….hope, accomplishing goals, handing over my soul for a  little bit of talent..." 

This is the introduction to Woman Manifested, a book that reveals the poetic tale of a woman just trying to achieve her version of happiness. All of her life she's been exposed to people having the best career opportunities, the most comfortable lifestyles, and long lasting marriages. 

Lashuntrice does not sugar coat anything in this book. She starts off with a poem, Yesterday I Committed A Murder, which is about letting go of the scared little girl not yet ready to face the crazy journey. You will see how Hip Hop and Hollywood has influenced her mindset, her thoughts on friends that become strangers, thoughts on infidelity, struggles with getting men to listen to her, and how she feels about motherhood at this point. Her journey is not for everyone to relate to, but it is a journey many women can understand. 

Stay tuned. Woman Manifested is coming soon to an online store near you.  

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