Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Would You Marry Her If She Was About To Be....

You two have been dating for a while.
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She loves you and you absolutely love her too. However, when you started dating her you made it clear that you didn't want to get married. You've walked down that aisle before and it just wasn't for you. Your ex was a nightmare and the divorce was rough. Thankfully there were no kids in the picture to add to the stress. This new woman in your life desperately needs as least a court marriage, because if it doesn't happen you'll risk never seeing her again. Why? She's not an American citizen and her visa will expire soon.

This is a real story I had the pleasure of listening to at a bar after work. The man in the picture wasn't there, so I can't give you the real details of why he despises marriage. However, his girlfriend was there and she was really stressed. She only has a couple months left, or maybe she doesn't really at all, to comfortably be in the United States before that dreadful knock on her door happens. This is why she's trying to rush her boyfriend into marrying her immediately.

I say if they love each other, he should marry her. I would also hope that if it was me, he would be ready to make me his wife tomorrow morning as soon as the courthouse opens. Marriage isn't that scary even though some people think it is. In 2014 Time Magazine actually said 25% of millennials want to say single forever. Are you part of that statistics. Would you marry her if not doing it meant never seeing her again?

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