Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Givers and Takers/ Maybe Bar Restaurant Parties Aren't For Going By Myself

Picture this. It's a tiny restaurant with an outside and inside bar areas. There's also a small parking lot that the place is charging $5 for people to park. It's not a lot of people there and I want to try brunch there for the first time so I go ahead and pay. While it would be amazing to sit outside, the 90 degree heat has been burning the precious chocolate skin so I choose inside. There are several booths, which are full, seats at the bar area, and also a few tables. I choose one of the tables and get comfortable. My order is taken and my card is taken to create a table. There is also R&B music playing, which I absolutely love. I've been looking for places with good music playing. Everything is good at first. 

I'm a giver so if people need something I'm willing to work with them. However, my giving spirit doesn't work well in this place. Usually I can go to restaurants, order, and feel peaceful while eating my food. Not this time. 

Before my food comes, the taking starts. First a few people approach and ask if anyone is sitting with me. They have a large crew coming in so they see my table as a good spot for them. I spot another table, so I'm okay with moving. I move, sing a little, get my food and get comfortable. However, my eating is then disturbed by someone else asking if they can have extra chairs at the table. I say yes. 
They take two. A few minutes later another woman approaches asking if she can take a chair. In an annoyed voice I say okay. Next thing I know some guy is taking the second half of the table and making my drink spill. Did he offer to get me a new drink? No! Just a pathetic apology for doing something he never he warned me he was about to do. 

I learned a few things from this experience. 

1. While I've been craving to go to an atmosphere that allows me to get food/drinks and chill in a corner inconspicuously, this was not the place.

 I went there because of an online flyer for a brunch party called Migos & Mimosas, but it was not the place to disappear in a crowd. Instead of disappearing, I was noticed because the spot I was sitting at had accessories others needed. 

2. If I want disappear into crowds at places with good music, I should stick to clubs. 

At least in a club if someone approaches me, it's a man that actually has some kind of interest in me and is not approaching me because I have stuff that would make his friends more comfortable. 

3. I really just wanted to write about this horrible experience. Maybe there's a lesson about giving and taking in there somewhere. Oh yeah, next time I'll say no. 

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