Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Fascination With Being Someone's WCW

WCW Poem 

I’m not your WCW
You don’t have to let me know
I can tell by your lack of phone calls
And by your lack of mentioning me on social media

I know that I’m not your WCE
You don’t have to remind me
It was just sexual attraction
It led to a beautiful moment in time
I remember
But you’ve forgotten

I’m not the woman you crush on
You talk about her all the time
Not afraid to brag in front of your friends
Not afraid to make her your Facebook profile pic
She’s taller than me
Bigger boobs and her ass is big just like you like it

I know I’m not your type
That’s why I’m letting you go
Even though you’ve already moved on

Sometime last year thoughts of longing for affection and being in love with a man filled my mind. From those thoughts came my book This Is For The Lover In You, but before I started writing the book this poem came to mind. 

Upon writing the poem, all I could think about were the  series of shitty men that had hit my DM's over the past couple years flirting their hearts away while at the same time posting pictures of their spouses that they were supposed to be madly in love with. That shit pissed me off. Some were posting pictures of female friends they found absolutely amazing and some were posting pictures of their celebrity crushes. None of those photos were of me or had me in them. 

Remember when the WCW stuff first started? I don't, but over the years I have had a lot of exposure to men expressing their love with women every single Wednesday and women doing the same for men every Monday. What did I do? I flirted and waited until the day I would be someone's WCW. Not a private WCW, but being full blown recognized as the caring, loving, and sexually attractive woman I am. 

What I have settled for are the compliments of me being a good writer that come around every once in a while, but will I ever be someone's WCW? Maybe, and hopefully when that day comes he's not secretly trying to entertain other women at the same damn time. 

Why do men flirt with several women anyway? Just dealing with one man is frustrating enough. Do you know the irritation of waking up and not seeing a "Good Morning" text so you send it instead because you hate that feeling of just being a booty call even though you know that's probably all you are to him?

Anyway, if you like the poem there's more in the book. 

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