Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Single- (Poem dedicated to the single life)

I wrote this poem a few days ago. It's all about my feelings toward being single. Well some of the words were placed in the poem to make it sound better.

I’m 22
Turning 23
And I’m

I’m 22
Turning 23
And I’m
Plus it’s that time of year again
Where the winds come out of nowhere
And the air starts to get chilly
And no jacket seems to keep me warm enough
And there aren’t enough covers in the world to throw on my bed
And I start realizing what I’m missing is a…

I’m 22
Turning 23
And I’m
And I’m constantly being reminded that it’s cuddle season
Apparently it’s time to go out and find every man and any man that would be willing to wrap his arms around me
After all it’ll take more than just me to keep this nice body warm
So I search and I search
And what I find is
Drug Addicts and drug dealers
Shy niggas and some fly niggas
But all the ho’s got they attention
Then I meet
Stalkers and serial killers
And then comes the God fearing
But they so into God that to them I’m invisible
So, I’m still single

I’m 22
Turning 23
And I’m
Plus it’s that time of year again
You know
Boyfriend Season
And it’s becoming more apparent that all of my female friends have boyfriends
From the cutesy texts they send to me about what their man is doing for them
To the petty arguments they tell me I’m lucky to be avoiding
And to me being the 3rd, 5th, or 7th wheel
While all the couples hug, kiss, and cuddle
And remind me that…

I’m 22
Turning 23
And I’m single
And a while ago I started pondering the idea of being a nun
Meaning dressing up in outfits that cover my body for the rest of my life
Plus no more cakin’
Late night phone calls
And no one night stands
No potential boyfriends
Or husbands
No thoughts of ever having kids
No playing house
Meaning giving up the thought of ever meeting a man and falling happily ever after in love
Meaning every year
On every birthday
Reminding myself
That I’m still single
But at least I’ll have God
But of course that won’t work for me

I’m 22
Turning 23
And I’m pondering the thought of one day being in a relationship
Having a man by my side
To love me and cherish me
And of course I’ll do the same for him
And it won’t be playing house
It’ll be a home
Filled with warmth and security
And best of all love
Yeah, he’ll be the love of my life
But until then
I’m single
And I keep asking God
Where is my man
But I’m not hearing his response
And I’m not being sent any signs
And I’m starting to wonder if God thinks I’m impatient
Cause I’m tired of waiting
Should I wait for him
Or go out and find my perfect man
Put destiny in my own hands
Cause I don’t want to be here
Turning 23
And Single
And I don’t want to be reminded in the coming years
That I’m getting older