Thursday, September 15, 2011

Natural Hair, Bet You Think I'm Doing It For Health Reasons

She dreamed Until She Woke Up Short Story 
Before you read my history might be a little out of order, but it's all within the same time frame. 

She dreamed until she woke up. Daisy dukes, short shorts, women showing half their butts. She watched in admiration. It was the way she learned to worship, appreciate beautiful black skin. As she heard how much men loved girls with the daisy dukes she realized she wanted some. Then they could look at her with her daisy dukes on, appreciate her, love her figure. But she was told no,  she was too young, they didn’t look cute anyway. Short skirts, skinny dresses, big hair, and big boots, they were all the rage in her world. One glimpse at the Spice Girls and in her mind she designed a brand new wardrobe. Big hair like Scary Spice, short dresses to walk like a lady, lots of baby blue to show that she’d always be somebody’s baby, big boots with long heels cause that’s what they all did. But somebody thought they weren’t real, entertainer’s doing it for the public, and unfortunately none of what they did was meant for her. Giga Pets, animated toys made to steal away a few hours of a kid’s time. Giga pets taught children to be responsible without having actual responsibilities. Remember to feed the fake pet, put it to sleep, keep it clean, wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. It was just a toy but it was the most popular toy to have at the moment and she wanted one. Everyone had it except for her. She was told no. Eventually someone changed their mind, surprised her with one, but it was too late. The thrill was gone, her and the rest of the kids had moved on.  FUBU, for us by us, the biggest clothing line for blacks during it’s time. There was clothing of all colors, but what caught her attention most was the clothing designed in baby blue. One particular outfit that caught up attention was an all blue warm-up suit. The idea of her loving designer clothes was an outrage to someone, but that FUBU was nothing to fight. She dreamed, but that baby blue warm-up suit woke her up. It was bought for her to wear proudly. It was a fad which would soon fade, but she couldn’t wait for the next big thing. She was tiring of dreaming. It was time to wake up and join the crowd.

To Be Continued
Me Now, That's A Wig

Healthy hair is the goal for us all. Some people think of healthy hair as long straight shiny hair while others see big thick Afros. My definition of healthy hair is continually changing up the style. When I was little I had no choice but to see braids as the best way to gain healthy hair.Then at one point I didn't care. I just wanted to be weaved up and gel'd up like all the other (supposed) ghetto girls. Now natural hair is all the rage. Whether natural hair is a part of history or a fad that everyone at the moment loves is a mystery. However, I'm about to take that journey to naturally loving my kinkiness. Don't get it confused though. I'm not just doing this for me. I'm doing it for everyone and because a lot of people are also doing it.

Sometimes a star gets tired of being a leader. It's more fun to follow.

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