Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Grown-Up Life, Did I Sign Up For This Shit?

There is water on my living room floor, but where it's coming from is a mystery. Part of the carpet is wet. Part of my cute rug from Rooms To Go is soaked. Furniture has been moved to keep anything from getting damaged. The carpet has been pulled back in a corner to help locate the problem. However, instead of seeing a source more water is just appearing. While I'm sitting in my apartment trying to get the maintenance people to fix this issue as soon as possible, the rest of Houston is enjoying All Star Weekend. Did I sign up for this?

It's All Star weekend. People are partying, spending way too much money, having sex with strangers, and some women are getting lucky enough to become the next basketball wife. I, on the other hand, am in my apartment trying to figure out an issue. When I was a kid I dreamed of grown-up responsibilities, but was this on the list? 

I wanted to party like a grown-up, spend money like one, and have kids like one. Every kid wants kids for some strange reason. When I was old enough to really think about the adult life I wanted to work hard enough at my dream job, come home to my comfortable place, and be with my sexy man. Oh, and I wanted to have lots of sex. 

Sex seems to be a very important part of the grown-up life and it's fun when done right. Sex is breathtaking. Sex is amazing. Sex is exhilarating. Sex is wonderful. However, realistically the more responsibilities we have, the harder it is to make time for sex. Wait..

Actually the more responsibilities we have, the harder it is to do anything fun. Like with work, no one tells you that if you're not working your dream job, you will still be consumed with the job for at least eight hours a day leaving very little room to focus on anything else. Plus this weekend I was at work at one point, fell asleep super early from exhaustion, and woke up to continue to worry about this water issue taking over my living room. When does that leave room to go out and have fun? None. I'm stuck with this grown-up responsibilities. 

But did I sign up for this? I supposed I did sign the lease to my apartment. That meant rent, electricity, and water bills. I did go on my own free will to get my cell phone. That meant another bill to have to pay. I did apply for the job. Somehow money had to get put into my bank account. I guess I did sign up for this life. 

However, I also thought I was signing up for frequent vacations, relaxation sometime during the week, and a sexy ass man that will spend money on me and have good love-making sessions. Where is the rest of the contract? 


  1. Awwww I am sorry about the water leak mama. lolll I really liked this post. Yes, sex seemed so important at one point.... now I have it on the back-burner while I manage this career. I know that seems strange... but out of sight out of mind *shrugs*

  2. Thanks for commenting. Sex is very easy to push off when a career takes all of your time. That's another grown-up lesson.