Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You Better Be Good- Ravaughn Ft. Wale

I've been hearing this song You Better Be Good by Ravaughn on the radio for a while. It came out in 2012, but the lyrics are still hard. While it may not be timeless (like 90's music), the expiration date hasn't come yet. However, how good the song is doesn't really matter. It's more about how the lyrics are representing my life. 

I'm no virgin. Someone in the world believes I am, but it is not true. I've had bad sexual experiences and good ones. While they were good, they've always represented only sex. They've been about hitting that orgasm or me making sure that guy got his nut. It's been cool though. I'm not always selfish. However, recently things went to another level. 

There was a guy. The conversation was great. He was interesting. Plus he listened to me. We bonded in a way that I'll never describe to anyone. It's my sole memory. This was all before the sex. Maybe it was the bonding that led to the great sex. It wasn't that usual "you get yours and I get mines and then we separate" sex. There was passion that I had never felt before. 

Now see the lyrics of "You Better Be Good" are about a woman telling a man he better do her right in the bedroom. After you've been done right, can you ever go back and be comfortable? Could I be comfortable with sex that is not so good? Sex that is lacking in passion? I may never no until the next man comes along. 

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