Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tell Your Story

Write. If you feel it in your heart to be a writer, write with everything you've got.

Speak. Don't hold back what you feel most passionately about. Reveal to the rest of us as deep as your heart will let you dig. I'm pretty sure you have some history that will put someone in awe and allow someone to heal from their own scars.

If you have nothing to tell, gain experience. Don't hold back because you lack in funds. The government is in debt and still we function. Don't talk yourself out of leaving your comfortable environment because everyone around you is scared. The people you meet from different cities and states left their own comfortable environments. Let your own fear be encouragement to achieve something.

The greatest part of our daily routines is what we do now will change someone's life later. The blog post created now could possibly affect someone 10, 15, or 20 years from now. Someone could stumble upon it a year from now and it'll be just what they needed for inspiration purposes. It doesn't mean that it is old news. It will be new and what you were trying to say will live through them.

I woke up yesterday hearing news of Maya Angelou's death. But I couldn't believe it. Not the poet laureate that inspired me. Not the phenomenal woman who shared her whole life with us. Not the woman who will continue to inspire women all over the world. Maya Angelou lives because she wrote and she spoke and she gained so much experience in this world. She lives because we will keep her alive. She's not resting in peace as we like to say. She is living in peace as she sees her life continue to have a positive impact on the rest of us.

There is one more. Express yourself because it feels so much better to share your stories.

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  1. "She's not resting in peace... She is living in peace..." Boom.