Monday, July 13, 2015

About Those Relationship & Marriage Photos

If it's not photographed the relationship never existed.

This is a motto that most of us women live by. So we get into relationships, take tons of photos, and then upload them to our social media accounts. To make the moments even more special we tag our boyfriends in them. The tags become even more special if we get lucky enough to receive that special man's last name. All of the pictures signify how cute we are, how long we've lasted, and our growth. There is one problem though.

A lot of women are uploading tons of photos but not making sure their man does the same. Us single women look at the woman in a supposedly happy relationship's page to spy on her be happy she's in a place we want to be in. Then we look at her man's page and think something must be wrong. Most of these men have everything up but a photo of her. They're shouting our their homeboys, keeping up with politics, talking trash about their baby mama's, and asking for advice on what to do that night. The men do everything except upload those cute photos showing they have a woman by their side.

I promise there is a person I follow that I went to college with. This woman recently got married and has been uploading tons of pictures from her wedding and her honeymoon. Her and her husband are adorable. This weekend I decided to click on his name and he had not uploaded anything for the past three weeks. See the problem.

Women who are proud of your men and women who are happily married I suppose you fix this problem. If you have to take his phone and upload the pictures yourself, do it. You have to make sure the love looks equally balanced on social media.

I'm still single, but trust when I get a man there will be more photos of us on his page than mine. This is not debatable.