Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Don't Diss Draya, Some Men Are Never Ready

Draya Michele has been getting hit hard with criticism this summer, both professionally and

Most of it has come from the fact that another season of Basketball Wives LA is starting. Some of the women on the show despise her. Well, before they met her they never liked her and at this point they really have no positive words. However, the latest criticism isn't coming from her co-stars. It's coming from the man who was supposed to be her fiancĂ© and future husband. 

Recently Orlando Scandrick decided to publicly announce that the wedding between him and Draya was off. He said a lot more along with it. He let the media know that he felt it was a huge mistake to ever want to take that next step with her and he was ready to move on with his life, without her. 

Just thinking about that hurts my feelings. As women, one of our big goals is to get that wedding ring and make a man ours forever and ever and ever. One of our worst nightmares is to be handed that engagement ring and then get it taken away because a man was playing games. I hope Draya still has that ring. 

In this case Orlando wasn't ready. Some men are just not ready for that big commitment with the current woman in their lives.
What I think happened is they've been together for a while. The relationship wasn't going smoothly and they decided to split up. Orlando's family probably pressured him into giving her another chance since they were walking away from an already long term relationship. He no longer wanted to be cuffed, but he said okay and went as far as the engagement ring, thinking the advice was good. However, the thought of being with this one beautiful woman for the rest of his life became too much and he decided to call it off. 

The part about this type of situation that sucks is he could meet another woman months down the line and be married a year later. Then she has to question what it is that she was doing wrong and another woman showed up and did correctly. It absolutely sucks.