Friday, September 4, 2015

T.D. Jakes Talks With Angie Stone and Her Daughter Diamond

Remember the time Angie Stone knocked the teeth out of her daughter's mouth?

We've all heard parents make those threats to beat us for doing little to nothing at all. Some children did deserve those threats, but most parents who knew better wouldn't actually act out on what they were saying. There is a certain organization called CPS (child protective services). If they do it as an adult, there are police reports and way too much drama to bring the family together on peaceful times. For Singer Angie Stone, hitting her daughter Diamond caused a lot more drama.

Picture a daughter who has some broken teeth, cops trying to figure the whole situation out, attorneys, the regular media, and online social media. The situation isn't just a matter of jokes later on down the road about what a mother did to her daughter as punishment. Their relationship was totally torn apart.

T.D. Jakes attempted to mend their relationship on his show that is of course named after him. Watch it below to see if he made a difference.

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