Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why Claim Him If He Belongs To The World? #LilWayne

The word on the internet streets is Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are over. However, did we really think they were a real official couple? I didn't.

Lil Wayne belongs to the world. Once upon a time he made a song called Every Girl. It was all about how he wants to fuck every girl in the world. There was no sugar coating it. Maybe some people thought of the song as just art, but 99% of the time these rappers mean what they put in their songs.

As of 2015 Wayne has four children by four different women. He's only been married once and never speaks of one day getting married again in his interviews. Maybe it's because no one ever asks the question. Although he and Christina Milian did that one horrible song together, we were never given any real signs that they'd last a long time. However, we were given a sign that she wasn't the only woman in the picture.

While Karrine Steffans has a history of falling for men that do her no good, she continues to get involved with these men. However, he relationships can never go on too long and Wayne is probably part of that problem. For years Karrine has been expressing her love for him. She has even written a book titled How To Make Love To A Martian, which was all about being with him. Her obsession with him has been the craziest, but somewhere in that obsession even Karrine recognizes that Lil Wayne does not belong to her.

Now I've met men that have expressed interest in me but in the same breath mention not wanting a relationship. I used to be want to give them a chance just because I had that yearning for a significant other, but now I realize there's no point. If his interests seems to always be in getting with every woman he finds pretty, then why try to claim him?

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