Wednesday, March 9, 2016

(Poetic Letter) To The Men of My Past...

To the men of my past....
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Well some women say they're boys and not men so to the boys I've crossed paths with...

The ones who met me as a friend of a friend and never saw me as more...
Maybe it was the way I looked at you.
I made you feel uncomfortable at first glance.
Or maybe it was something I said.
"Hi my name is," wasn't something you wanted to hear.
I volunteered that I too liked that restaurant.
But you only cared about her opinion.
Or maybe we just never should have met.
Then I wouldn't be a woman you forgot.

To the males that claimed to want me around....
You were more special to me because you caught my attention.
Fed me pretty words, nice promises.
I believe you cared, even if for a moment.
But too bad you couldn't give me what I really wanted.
At least one trip to the movies.
Or a nice date out to eat.
A picnic in the park.
Any memorable experience that involved going out somewhere.

To the ones who didn't know that I too need to be chased after...
It wasn't just a memorable experience I was looking for.
I wanted a phone call to let me know I was on your mind.
Or texts to send a whole lot of messages about nothing back and forth.
I even wanted to get followed or waited for.
That one guy followed my mad friend to make sure she stayed safe.
But you left.
You never called.
You pressed the unfriend button on Facebook.
Was I not good enough for any of this?
Or were you just too dumb to get it?

To those that at least promised me sexual bliss...
It didn't work.
The sex was pleasurable.
But the next day...
Well sometimes a few hours later...
Maybe even five minutes after...
I still wanted something more.

To the men that didn't care about any of this...
You were only friendly because of my friends....
You were lying when you said you wanted me around...
You didn't plan on seeing me again after a few weeks anyway....
Your only plans were to chill with no netflix....
Fuck You!

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