Monday, March 7, 2016

(Story) The First Woman President

Disclaimer: This story is fiction. I was bored and needed a creative push. There's a story on Amazon dedicated to Donald Trump, so I decided to use Hillary Clinton. I am pro her being the first woman president. Now for the story. Enjoy!
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“President Hillary Clinton.”
“President Hillary Clinton.”
“President Hillary Clinton.”

She sat at her desk in the oval office and stared at the name plaque on her desk repeating what it said over and over again. Hilary had managed to beat Donald Trump and become the first woman president of the United States of America. For the next four, or eight years, she would be addressed as President Hillary Clinton.

Hillary glowed with pride as she admired her surroundings. The nice clean brown desk would soon become cluttered with national and international papers. She would come up with tons of bills that she’d have to work 10 times as hard as a man to get passed. For the next four, or maybe eight years her heels would powerfully walk across the beautiful blue carpet. That flag that represent the USA would be owned by her.

She got up from her chair and walked around to the front of the desk. Hillary hopped on top of it and just admired the view some more. With her right hand she gently touched her pearls. The she looked at herself from the neck down. Her blue pant-suit was flawless. During her time as president she would wear nothing but pant-suits, so her outerwear would never be seen as a distraction. She then glanced at her shoes. They were sophisticated black pumps that didn’t distract from her new power. Power is what Hillary had and she was feeling herself. At 69 years old she knew she looked damn good.

Nothing and no one would get in President Hillary Clinton’s way. She decided that from that moment on she would address herself as President Clinton even during times where she was alone. That way even if people didn’t like her, they would respect her and there were way too many people disrespecting her, the new president of the United States of America.

Minorities were one of President Clinton’s problems. She reminisced on the smear campaign that was done online by the same people who got her into her new position. She knew that from the many campaign stops she did. There was a Black woman that verbally attacked her during a question an answer. It wasn’t that the Black woman hated President Clinton’s answer. She just hated her.

There were also a crazy amount of memes flying around accusing her of being racist, accusing innocent Black boys of being criminals, trying to get the Black vote just to get in office, and having corporate friends that were corrupt. Oh, people went tried very hard to discredit her name before they realized Donald Trump was the only other candidate running against President Clinton. They even used Don Lemon, who they hate, to try and discredit her. The smear campaign missed one huge person that could have absolutely ended her campaign run and led Bernie Sanders to become the president.

No one knew about President Hillary Clinton’s love affair with Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. Not even Bill Clinton. They also didn’t know that she was the one that pushed 50 Cent to publicly attack Vivica Fox. No one could talk about her lover and get away with it. Millions of people saw him endorse Donald Trump during campaign season, but it was facade. 

The thought of him made her become happier. She couldn’t wait to publicly invite 50 Cent to the White House on several occasions and make people think it was all about money.

President Hillary Clinton looked at the time. One of her many press conferences would be happening soon. She ran off to the conference in a bliss.

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