Monday, May 9, 2016

(Short Story) Her New Man

In my short story, "A Night To Remember," Carrie and Darnell meet up for sex even though she knows he has a girlfriend. This new story, Her New Man, is about how they initially met. I might come up with a better title in the future, but for read and let me know what you think. 

Her New Man 
© 2016

“I’m in love,” Carrie excitedly told her friend Chantae over the phone.

She put Chantae on speaker and laid across the couch for more comfort. The initial plan was to tell one of her friends about her new man over drinks at a nice restaurant, but no one could make it. Chante lived in a different state, so the phone conversation was the best they could do.

“WOW, what’s his name and how did you meet him?”

“His name is Chris, or maybe it’s Charlie, or it could be Sam.” She thought about it for a second and laughed a little because not knowing his name was definitely bad. However, she would win her friend’s approval over by describing him. Even if Carrie couldn’t win her approval, she still talk to him as long as possible. “His name doesn’t really matter. I have it saved in my phone as The New Guy, but he fine. He’s worth getting to know. Picture Method Man. My new man looks like him but better.”

She mentally prepared herself for the disapproval that was coming.

“I don’t like him. You don’t know his name. You can’t fall in love with someone whose name you don’t even know.”

“Yes I can,” she replied while smiling. “This one was real romantic. You see we met in a club.  It was free to get in. Some random guy purchased a blue drink for me. I don’t know what it was called, but I ordered it after seeing it being handed to someone else. The guy that ordered the drink didn’t want anything from me. He just purchased, I thanked him, and that was the end of the conversation. That free drink definitely made me feel good about going out alone. I walked throughout the club until I found a real crowded spot where I could blend in. Everyone around me was dancing so it was easy to fall in formation.”

She could picture Chantae on the other side of the phone shaking her head at the story, but she continued.

“I danced for a minute, but then the DJ slowed the music down. It was the first time in at least five years that I was experiencing slow jams in a club. Some of the people in the club were coupled up and others like me were awkwardly alone. That was when he came up behind me. With his right hand he grabbed my right hand and pulled me closer. It was too close for someone that I didn’t know, but Mad Cobra’s Flex had started playing so I couldn’t resist slow grinding on him. As we danced together he whispered the lyrics in my ear. A couple more slow jams were played and then we stopped. That was when I was finally able to turn around and get a good look at him. Even in a dark club I could make out those sexy features. He asked for my number and I gave it to him. Then he called me to make sure it was a right number and that was when I saved it. You know what’s even more cool about this situation?”

“What?” Chantae asked. “Because what I’m hearing so far doesn’t sound like love. Men in the club are looking for a good time.”

“But you’ve never been a fan of partying, so you don’t know what they’re looking for.”

There was a slight noise signaling a text coming through. It read, “Hey, this is Darnell from the club. You busy?”

Carrie's heart fluttered a bit. This was the moment that could possibly lead to a long term love or a short moment of fun. She wasn’t sure, but Darnell was definitely a man she wanted to pursue.

“Chantae  I have to go. His name is Darnell and he just texted me.” Carrie hung up before she could say anything else and started the best text conversation she had since the last guy.

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