Tuesday, May 31, 2016

True Life: I Purchased A $58 Shirt

Recently Draya Michele posted up a photo of the coolest t-shirt I've seen in 2016. It was a plain long black t-shirt but the writing is what really stood out.

Also in asking for advice in different blogging groups, someone mentioned finding out what my audience likes and catering to them. This t-shirt is not for you all, unless you love it. It's for me instead. I can't really explain it to the fullest extent, but the older I get the more I fall in love with my skinny figure. I have a flat booty, a flat chest (that could be abs if I put in more effort into working out), skinny legs (that can make me look tall in different camera angles). For this boost in confidence I'm getting, it's only perfect to add the shirt to my wardrobe. 

So I really spent $58 on the shirt. I battled with myself for a whole day on whether to do it though. For a person that's supposed to be broke and budgeting, that's a lot. However, a beautiful woman has to live and this shirt is life. 

Soon enough, my confidence will feel like that Travis Scott line "Kicking the cameraman off of my stages cause I don't like how he snapping my angles." 

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