Friday, August 26, 2016

Memories Back Then (Poem)

I couldn't think of a title, so I titled it after T.I.'s song.

I miss you
I really do
Do you remember me?
Are you holding onto the memories
It's really just sexual chemistry
The sexual memories
That keeps me coming back to you
The sex more rough than sensual
The lust clouding my brain
Almost making me forget I don't belong to you
See I'm tryna feel love
And this shit
It ain't real love
The way you disappear after it happens
We stop talking and it feels like a distant memory
Or like something I only imagined
Was it real?
I need you to remind me that it really happened
But you're gone, living a life I'm not a part of
And that's probably my fault
You'll never be the man for me
That's why I need to stop playing myself
But yet I find myself missing you
Missing your voice
Missing your touch
I could go into a deeper description
But it makes it harder to forget you

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