Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Question: Are Two People That used To Have Sex Exes?

This particular guy said he wanted to be character in my book, so I'm making him a character on my blog for now. Let's just call him the doctor.

I've only seen the doctor twice. The first time was when my friend was introducing him as her new man. They met in class and started hooking up. As of now they can't remember how long they were together. They claim they were never a couple. They were only having sex. She broke it off with him because she met a new man that wanted to make it official with her. That new man is now her husband. My friend also wants to see me happy in a relationship. We talk about this every time we speak.

In the past my friend has tried to hook me up with a man once. We'll call him the emotional mess. The emotional mess was not in the same city as me. He lived far, was disabled, and my only chance of meeting him was if I traveled to  him. The emotional mess also didn't have a college degree, but that part wasn't that important. I did talk to him on the phone a couple of times. Because I was a writer and kind of good at poetry, I wanted to share that with him. During one conversation I shared a  poem with the emotional mess and he started crying. The emotional mess then told me about all his past emotional problems and how he just wanted to heal from the pain. It was sweet and annoying at the same damn time. I was a good listener and helped him through his issues. Soon after that he met the woman of his dreams and removed me as a Facebook friend. My services were clearly no longer needed.

Other than the emotional mess, my friend and I once shared this joke about me dating one of her exes after she finished with him. I wasn't serious. We'll call him the cheater. While she and the cheater were together, he was creeping with his ex-girlfriend. She found out about his affair after he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. When she told me about the pregnancy, she asked me if I still wanted the cheater since she was done with him. I absolutely did not.

I guess she forgot that it was supposed to be a joke because she recently tried to hook me up with the doctor. Well, she said the doctor went to her and told her about his interests in me. He doesn't live in Houston, so it would be a long distance relationship. Both her and the doctor explained to me that they never dated. She admitted all they did was have sex and he was good in bed.

But anyway, they claim they never dated. But since they were involved sexually would they make them exes? I say yes. What do you think?

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