Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How To Exit A Friends W/ Benefits Situation Without Losing Your Sanity

Grammar Disclaimer: It's been a while since I passionately blogged. Currently I'm just trying to get these thoughts out.

After some terrible endings with men that would have been considered acquaintances if we hadn't fucked, I came to some general conclusions of how to get out of a friends with benefits relationship while holding onto your sanity.

End it before you become a victim of embarrassment. I've been embarrassed. I've had the experience of an awkward conversation with a woman claiming to be the guy's girlfriend. It should have never gotten that far. 

End it before you discover you're not the only woman he's been using to satisfy his needs. If he says he is not ready for a relationship, don't have sex with him. If you do choose to have sex with him, at some point you'll find out you're not the only woman he's with. Then again, you could just discover that he's flirting with other women because he's not emotionally invested in you. How do you end this? You tell him that you can't do it anymore because of whatever excuse you can think of.

End it before you realize your emotions are too deep and your partner is still comfortable with just calling you after dark to get his d*ck wet. This is hard to break away from. One reason is that man is going to wonder why you no longer want to be his pussy appointment. The other reason is these types of men have been in casual relationships for so long, they don't see the problem.

Remember friends with benefits have expiration dates. In rare cases, the two can advance to couple status and then eventually marriage status. That hasn't happened with me. I've learned that these situations are supposed to expire. They either end with that specific date you create or they end in worse ways. 

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  1. Yeah, I left the situation I was in the moment I started catching feelings. I could not be a fool.