Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stop Telling People They Are Building Someone Else's Dream


There are the CEO's of big companies. At one point they were probably working for someone, but they had bright ideas of their own. They did a lot of studying to turn these ideas into billion dollar companies with tons of employees.

Then there are the employees. The employees do not work under the CEO's. The CEO's hire people on different levels, name them bosses, and they have employees working under them that they monitor. In this structure everyone gets paid. However, the pay is not equal for everyone. Everyone knows the owner of the company is the wealthiest person. Others are making money based on the importance of the job titles, but the job title pay don't always make sense either. In some of these companies the workers doing the most are getting paid the least.

Some of these employees have dreams of making better money while doing a job that makes them happier. They branch away from the job titles provided by the big companies and are called entrepreneurs. Some of these entrepreneurs gain success off of their dreams and give up the employee title. Some of these successful entrepreneurs grow big enough to where they end up with employees of their own.

If you fall into the category of the owner of a billion dollar company and the category of a growing entrepreneur stop telling people they are working to build other people's dreams. Stop bullying people with the idea that if they are employed by someone else, they are not doing right. Why? Because you need them to help build your dream. You might just hire one of them one day for your business and you absolutely need their money to grow your business.

If you are an employee, there is no reason you should feel guilty about doing what you have to/want to do to pay your bills.

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