Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fighting Off Regret (Of Renting Here), Sunday Reflections

But regret seems to be winning right now. There's water leakage in my apartment and I don't know how to stop it.

One area is the dishwasher. I've turned on the heat dry cycle several times, but will that work? So far no more water is leaking from that area and the water in the dishwasher has gone down some. Will it rise again though? I'm afraid of that happening. Will more water be everywhere in a couple hours? That's a big fear.

The reason I'm afraid of seeing a whole lot more water is there's a leak in the downstairs bathroom. I'm  moved into a loft style apartment, so it's downstairs and upstairs. The upstairs bathroom is doing good, but the downstairs bathroom has an untraceable leak. Well I've traced in the a tiny crack at the very bottom of the wall. The crack is so low that neither a bucket or even a cup would catch the water. Instead there are currently two towels down. I don't think those towels will hold up all night, so soon there will be another trip to Walmart.

This was all noticed once I arrived from my grocery shopping trip. Food is needed for the week. All I bought was food and only spent $40, so it should have been a good day, right? Before the Walmart trip I spent two hours enjoying a good suspenseful movie called "The House at The End of The Street." That made approximately four hours away from home. This water trouble wasn't there when I left earlier today.

Now I'm fighting off a panic attack and regret. The panic is from the fear that I'll wake up tomorrow and water will be everywhere. Why did I move into an apartment where the office was closed on Sunday? I could have moved into a place with 24-hr maintenance for emergencies like this. I could have just stayed with my parents until I had enough money to movie to California, or Georgia, or some other interesting state.

See, regret is slowly beating my mind up and I'm trying to stop it. Regret and I are in a big battle right now, but I have made it a whole month in this new place. There have been nice moments. I've met people and saw familiar faces in this area. Plus I have 11 more months on the lease. This has to get better. It will get better, right? Right? Oh shit, I have to wait until 9 am to tell them these problems need to be taken care of. 9 AM? That feels like a long time from 9:51 pm.

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