Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rain Came Through The Ceiling

It was a very rainy Saturday. At some points the rain was light and others very heavy. I'd been at work all day freezing my body off while getting paid, so the rain wasn't too big of a deal. It had no effect until I arrived home. I thought I was escaping the wetness by coming home to comfort. Instead I was greeted with more rain.
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There was a leak in the ceiling. Right above the stairwell water dripped and hit the carpet. I found a towel to put over the wet spot and keep the spot from getting too much wetter. Then I sat in my chair and prayed for the rain the lighten up.

This was the second time since I'd moved in that water had leaked from that spot. I complained once and they claimed they fixed it. Obviously they didn't.

It's almost my birthday. At the end of the month, October 30th, I turn 26, and a big booty heaux is not in the game plan. I'd rather be the big booty heaux and have a fine, charming man as my birthday present, but my butt isn't big.

What I really want for my birthday this year is peace of mind. Somewhere along the lines the problems started to become bigger than my happiness. This way of thinking needs to be changed. A start would be that hole where the water keeps coming through getting fixed and a fine, charming guy doing what fine, charming guys do best just for me. It's so easy to meet good guys, but it's hard to meet a good guy that will do something to actually impress you, or is it just me?

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