Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If I Had Ass (A Little Creativity)

“Is that her in the VIP line with the Louis Vouitton?”

At the club standing in a long line every girl is dressed to impress including me. We all assume the positions to grab every man’s attention. Form fitting dresses, half shirts showing off our bellies, trying to show off our perfectly perky breasts, booty shorts made just for twerking. As I work my way into the club the music entices me, calls out to me, and leaves me excited. The drinks speak to me, say “Buy Me. Taste Me. Invite me into your mouth and let me take over your body.” The first drink flows through, makes me feel real relaxed. I can do this. In the mirror I've been practicing so tonight I’m gonna dance. Dance like a stripper and prove to them I am about that life.

“Ain’t got a nigga. I’m throwed off that liquor. I’m about to hit the club and dance like a stripper.”

As I get comfortable, start feeling the vibe, my body starts to move from side to side. He’s watching. His eyes follow me with each rhythm. But she takes over, moves in, bends over, and works all on his dick. She got that ass that he just has to grab. It stands out. Her waist is tiny, but her ass in those jeans looks huge. He can barely hold on as she twerks  faster, then slower, then faster again. He’s fighting to keep his balance, but enjoying every second of it. All of that ass on her, I’m jealous.

“You ain’t bout that life ho.”

Compared to her I’m working with nothing. Should I compete? Should I bend over and work my butt cheeks? I ain’t wear this outfit to stand still all night. Should I show him that I got ass too? It’s tiny, but looks just perfect on my skinny frame. He can grab it and wrap his hands all around it. He can pick me up and not use much energy. Would he appreciate my small round ass backing up on him? Would his dick get hard? I don’t know if I have the energy to knock him off balance, have his friends laughing at him. He might have to wrap his arms around me, hold me, so for a moment neither of us would feel lonely. Or do I have to have a big ass to get that kind of touch?

“I want a smart girl with a dumb booty.”

Its girls all over the club shaking their big asses. I try to compete, but I’m just too weak. They bend it over, make it wiggle, jiggle, and speak in its own language. My little booty barely speaks. I try to make it jiggle, bend it over, try to grab his attention, hoping he appreciates a nice round small booty.

Is he watching? Does he want to dance with me? I have a small booty? Would he still dream of taking me home to fuck anyway? Or is he blinded by her big ass in the middle of the floor dancing so hard her dress no longer covering her bottom half? She all exposed.

“Take them fucking clothes off. Let me see that donkey kong.”

Truthfully I love my body, from still perky breasts to having a small behind, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what a big ass would get me. Would it make me stand out? Would I be more confident? 

Sidenote: I was trying to quote more of what Future said at the beginning of the Turn on The Lights song, but I don't know what all he was saying. 

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