Thursday, April 4, 2013

Don't Remember My Name (Poem)

In honor of National Poetry Month, here's a new poem from me, Lashuntrice. Enjoy!

Don't Remember My Name

Whatever you do don’t remember my name/But pay attention to me/Listen to every word I say/For a moment you’ll be thankful/You’ll feel informed/My every thought will captivate your sight/My story will fill you up/Whether it’s a horror story/Something that’ll leave you with nightmares for years/A love story/You can only show your happiness with tears/A comedy/You won’t be able to stop laughing/Or a true story/You won’t believe it happened in real life/I’ll leave you curious for more/But don’t remember my name/Don’t get attached/This is not a game/Stay curious for only a minute more/Read the story line/Hold on to it for some time/But don’t notice the person that wrote/Don’t notice me/I’m invisible/Jut another writer you see/This life is not about me/It’s about me getting a story out to you/Drawing you in/Captivating your attention/Depending on how close you are/Maybe giving you a mention/Then creating and ending/Pushing you away/Again it’s time to go astray/Someone else needs you/We’ll meet again/But don’t worry when/I’m not important/It’s whatever you’re seeing/Or hearing/Or reading when the time comes

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