Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting Back To The Goals (New And Old Ideas)

A few weeks ago a friend asked if I'd interview a couple of rappers and singers for him. They're all part of this record label called Wind Fam. Actually it gets cooler. The majority of them are family. It's sort of like what the Wayans family did with comedy. 

I started making phone calls and did the first interview last week. It was  an over-the-phone interview with me holding a recorder to the phone. For some reason I was nervous. 

It's been a while since I've done any interviewing and especially any article writing. It felt almost like I was revisiting a long lost sister or brother. You know those episodes on shows where relatives are reunited? I missed it. I didn't realize how much until that interview. I want to do many more. Maybe in the future interviews will be something to add to the blog. I'll write in every kind of interview style possible. I'm an addict. It will be tough, take time, but it will also be fun. 

Sometimes it feels like my life has been put on hold. I'm getting older, but most of my time is spent sitting at a desk eight hours away typing some document. I want to get back to focusing on my passion for production. It's one of the reasons why I chose to get a broadcast degree. I love writing, but there's more. I also love cameras, recording, editing, and trying to write to the picture. 

In January I bought a $800 camera. It was worth it. Yesterday I bought a MacBook Pro. It was time. As I gasp at the emptiness of my bank account, I'm still trying to see what more needs to be bought to get me on my way. A Final Cut Pro is in the works. I own writing books already. Lots of studying is needed. Networking is a must. 

At no point is this for fame. People who look for fame try to get wrote about. I'd rather be the one to make them famous. This is my passion. How far I'll get with this can only be told by time. 

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