Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Preacher's Daughters "Naughty And Nice" Episode Review

"How many of you know that it's easy to take family for granted?-- Pastor Mark Perry

The last episode of Preacher's Daughters was missed, so there's no blog post for it. However, Kolby did  tee-pee (spell check) her mom's house. Her mom had embarrassed her so it was payback time. That's hilarious. I think Olivia took her son trick-or-treating, which is so against being a Christian. Now this is the Naughty Or Nice episode. It's easier to just use the titles instead of counting which number it is. So here it goes. 

Kolby Koloff
Kolby's mom is so mad she's giving out tons of new rules that Kolby more than likely will break. In this episode what seems to be saving her sanity is her older sisters. However, Kolby's sisters are trying to get them all in trouble with their mom. They're talking about tattoos. One of her sisters already has two tattoos.

Kolby is so innocent. In the confessional she assumed the tattoo shop would have witches in the corner. That's funny. Her mom is psychic or something. Wait, maybe God spoke to her. She sent the girls texts about not getting tattoos or piercings while they were in the place. 

When Kolbys' mom found out about her sister's tattoo, she started crying. Kolby stood up for her sister though. These girls are the closest. That really is amazing. 

Taylor Coleman
Taylor's parents find the pictures of her boyfriend's ghetto photo shoot. They think she is posing provocatively and her breasts are hanging out. Again they are angry at her. This time they make her take the purity class over again. Is that a punishment? I never did it. 

The purity class is about learning what is pure and what is not. The first lesson is about abstinence. Did you know masturbation was impure? That class says you can't kiss, touch one another, masturbate, and any type of foreplay. Damn! I love kissing, but they're right. The goal of it is to lead to doing more. That's why I've been picky about the man I put my lips on. Taylor's parents are hoping she remembers to wait until marriage. Will she? 

The purity class confused Taylor. She likes to kiss and touch. She and her friends discuss it after the class. One of them thinks using a dildo means you're losing your virginity. Ha! One huge fact is being a pastor's daughter puts a lot of pressure on a girl. Taylor is falling apart emotionally in some of the scenes. However, her parents only know how to punish her for falling short of being perfect. That's real for a lot of children. 

"When you're kissing you're shopping upstairs for downstairs goods"-- Pastor Ken Coleman

The purity class is not just a class where girls get told what not to do. There is also a dance that follows. Her father is over it of course. Taylor hates the whole thing, especially the vow. She feels as if she is lying to God. It's amazing how a parent can be so proud of something that is tearing their child apart inside. Taylor is no that torn though. She is committing to no sex until marriage. 

Side Note: Without ever attending a purity class (they had it at my church), I did make a commitment to no sex until marriage. I didn't even date until college. It was that serious. Well part of that revolved around a lack of self confidence. The confidence came once I started exploring my sexual freedom. That doesn't make me a heathen though. 

Olivia Perry
Olivia is trying to adjust to being a teenager again. One way is by going to visit her sister Emily in Los Angeles on vacation. Everyone is nervous about her behavior. She's been doing good so far, right? 

Olivia and her sister Audrey are in Los Angeles to visit their sister Emily. Emily is doing a photo shoot to promote sobriety. However, the models look wild. One tells a story of how she devoted her life to Christ until she snorted her first line of Coke. Yeah, the girl did cocaine, but she is currently clean. 

You ever notice you your story makes others want to reveal what they've gone through? It's so cool. 

Olivia decides to join her sister in the photo shoot. That might not go well for her father once he sees the photos. She had a lot of fun. She even said they reminded her of when she was in high school partying. One of the men try to push the sisters a little more. They are partying and invite all of them. Olivia and Audrey say no, but Emily runs off with her friends. 

Once Olivia returns home, she shows her father the pictures. He was shocked, but he liked them. His only fear was that they would not be misinterpreted by the world. 

The lesson I've taken from this episode is you definitely need more than one voice of reason in your life. One voice of reason can leave you making decisions that are good for others, but not for you. Several voices of reason can give you the opportunity to have options to choose from. Do you get a tattoo or not? Do you stay true to the purity ring or do you give the purity ring your own meaning? Can you have fun without feeling pressured to do anything wrong? The choices are yours as long as the decision maker is you. 

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