Sunday, April 14, 2013

What's On My Mind? Sunday Reflections

Two years ago I discovered that there was a conference for bloggers. It's called Blogging While Brown. At the time Slim Jackson, who recently decided to start using a new name, was requesting donations to attend. With the help of fans he made it. That was the deciding factor that I would one day attend. I will be attending in two months and it is all I can think about.
Blogging While Brown  2013 I'm Going Badge
Blogging While Brown is the first conference for writers that I'm attending. I never had money for NABJ conferences or any other conferences that can be thought of. I never had help getting to any either. Since I'm not a popular blogger (yet), I didn't request any money from online people. It just took a lot of money (mainly the tax refund) and my plane ticket and hotel room has been purchased. In two months I'll be in New York City for the first time.

Yes, this my very first time in NYC. I'm scared, because I'm not sure what to expect in this brand new city. I'm also scared because this is my first time attending this conference. Is it worth it? What all do I need to take? Although I've spent over $1000 I'm still brainstorming. I'm going as a fellow blogger, so I have to represent myself.

Will others like free pens? A pen is always cool. Does one with a website name and link make people go look?

Should I also have chapbooks to hand out? I'm more than a blogger trying to express an opinion. My opinions are put in creative forms. Will they appreciate poetry being put in their hands for free? Do I have enough money to put my poetry in the hands of other writers for free? We'll see.

On top of that the normal every day issues continue to haunt my mind. I always think about work, my next adventure, shaking off boredom, one day leaving, if a man will ever be ready to live happily ever after with me etc. For real, where is that man? I need someone to bombard share all these thoughts with.

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