Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Guiliana Rancic Compares Zendaya's Hair To Weed, Zendaya Responds

Natural hairstyles do not seem to win when it comes to people judging hair on television shows, which is why it's always a big risk for celebrities to pull off Afro's, braids, twists, and locs. For the 87th Academy Awards, Zendaya Coleman took the risk and wore faux-locs. To many of us her hair was cute, but Guiliana Rancic thought different. 

When trying to describe Zendaya's hair, Guiliana went as far as to say it looked like it smelled like patchouli oil. Kathy Griffin then responded with the word weed as if she was trying to put a better name to it and reminded her cast that weed is legal in some states. At the end of the show Kathy Griffin reminded the audience that what they say are just harmless jokes, because someone got mad at what she said last year. 

Zendaya wasn't smiling though. She responded. Read her response below.