Monday, February 2, 2015

He Proposed But His Baby Mama Is Messy (What Would You Do?)

Imagine being at a party surrounded by successful people. Some of them are successful from hard work and some are successful from long hours of being in labor. Two of them used to date and have a child together. The guy is there with his long-term girlfriend while the woman is there with her new man. A proposal happens and then a pregnancy via infidelity is announced. The shit gets real and a new type of party starts. Ebrahim Aseem, a motivational speaker, started off his Sunday by posting up Super Bowl Sunday topics but ended his night by letting us all in on the relationship drama he was seeing unfold in front of him at his own Super Bowl party.

Remember when there used to be hypothetical relationship issues? We women were the ones that jumped to conclusions. Men weren't really cheating on us. They weren't really telling us a million lies. We weren't meeting ones that already had kids from previous relationships. Our future prince charming really was perfect and had no skeletons in his closet. The people on Jerry Springer were all actors. Those were the good, boring days. Those were the days where I was sheltered from the nasty drama that causes break-ups and divorces. Those days no longer exist.

Social media helps us to see just how much is going on all the time. Facebook statuses, twitter, and Instagram posts all give us a front row seat to watching relationships fall apart and broken hearts get created. At least if I want to see how multiple relationships are working it requires me to fix a bowl of popcorn and pay attention to what's being put online. In reality I see all the happy couples. The couples in my family are either happy or no longer together. The men that my friends tend to meet don't stick around long enough to cause a whole lot of drama. Some of the men are also so boring that they probably wouldn't know what drama looked like if it was in front of them, which sucks. Sometimes I wish I could be at a get-together where two exes start spilling out all types of personal information on each other. I'd love to be at a party where one of them announces in front of the newly engaged girlfriend that she is pregnant with his second child out of jealousy.

This really happened and I'm questioning what I would do in a situation like this. Ebrahim said the guy in this situation is a professional football player. That means he's way past middle class. Financially he's well off and women go after him just based off his bank account. He also has a baby mama who he might be cheating on his current woman with. That means there is non-stop drama in his life. Although I love money, the idea of the baby mama being in the picture makes me itch. I'd keep the engagement ring, but definitely not marry him.
Her advice is good. 

However, I just wish I could be at parties where this kind of drama happens. So far I'm only seeing it via the internet and Love & Hip Hop series. I also wonder what happened with the pregnant baby mama's new boyfriend. Did he stay? Did he get angry and leave? If I find out, you'll be the first to know.

What would you do in a situation like this? Would you be the pregnant baby mama, the cheating boyfriend, or the girlfriend who had just been proposed to by the cheating boyfriend?