Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#LHHNY Diamond Strawberry And The Relationship She Thought She Was In

Love and Hip Hop is nothing without chaotic relationships, so every season there has to be a new couple full of craziness.

In this season we were introduced to Diamond Strawberry and Cisco Rosado. Diamond is the daughter of a famous professional Baseball player, Darryl Strawberry. Cisco, on the other hand, is a music producer whose most known for dating Jennifer Williams (Basketball Wives). Now they are both known as LHHNY cast members.

Their storyline on the show is the worst many of us have ever heard. It starts with Diamond spontaneously moving to New York to be closer to Cisco. Who does that? At this point she had not told him she was coming, had not told him about her daughter, had never seen where he lived, and believed she was in love with him. In the two years they dated there was sex in Cisco's car. Only having sex in the car should have been the first sign that Diamond needed to not take him serious, but all women aren't that smart.

Diamond felt she was in love with Cisco so she finally confessed to him that she had a six year old daughter. That did not go over well. Cisco was also hiding a secret in the form of a child that was conceived after he started dating her, but it gets worse. Diamond had her mother confront him because she wasn't brave enough to face her own mistake.

Cisco is either as dumb as Diamond when it comes to relationships or he's a really good pimp. In the lat few episodes it comes out that the whole time Cisco was telling his baby mother that he loved her a lot. This is weird that she even believed him because in the media he was dating Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives.
Clearly Cisco wasn't the right guy for Diamond. From his point of view, she was just someone he was having sex with. Diamond should be smarter from now on. Just because you see his car and get naked in it, does not mean you two are a couple. It does not mean to fall in love.

If she hasn't learned, at least the rest of us have.