Saturday, February 7, 2015

Megachurch Murder Review

Remember that Louisiana pastor who was murdered in front of his congregation? The church was kind of small, but it was a major news story. Some time later it was featured on Preachers of LA. Well, Lifetime has a movie called Megachurch Murder and it has nothing to do with that story.

Megachurch Murder features a mostly familiar Black cast. Malcolm Jamal Warner's character Hamilton Spears is the pastor that gets murdered. Tamala Jones' character Martha Spears is the wife who doesn't even grieve good before hooking up with the pastor's friend and co-pastor of the church. Michael Beach is the co-pastor who steals the pastor's first lady and is responsible for his murder. Romeo Miller's character, Oliver King, is the son of the sneaky new pastor of the church and also the love interest of the main character. Hannah Spears, the main character is played by Shanice Knowles (no relationship to Beyonce and Solange).

The movie starts out with a happy church family. The pastor and wife and happily watching their daughter sing in front of the congregation. Then the pastor is murdered. A month passes by and the Hannah has become an alcoholic who is driving while intoxicated. She's also mad that everyone is trying to move on so soon after her father's death. She's hurt, drinking, and stumbles upon a video her father made. In it he's confessing that he thought his life was in danger and the person he was afraid of was his co-pastor. In the midst of watching the video she spills alcohol all over her laptop and the flash drive the video was saved on. That's when she runs to her friend for help. She was drunk so she doesn't remember what was on the flash drive or if is she really saw a video, but she wants her friend to fix it so they can see what was there. Before that there Oliver starts falling for Hannah, but the movie really starts with the video.

The movie drags on a bit with Hannah going as far as trying to commit suicide. Then it gets interesting again once she kills one of Oliver's brothers. One of the other brothers is then told to murder her by the new leading pastor/father. This was in the last 30 minutes. After this the whole cast that is still alive finds themselves on a bridge arguing and one person has a gun. One person gets shot and another commits suicide. Mary was the one that was shot and in the hospital the doctor tells her that she is fine and will be able to go home. That is the end of the movie.

Basically from this movie we learned Romeo Miller is either a bad kisser or a bad pretender. Over all it wasn't a good movie, but it was worth watching. I was entertained. Were you?