Tuesday, August 4, 2015

If You're In The Spotlight People Want To See Your Relationship Fail

When Drake started firing back song disses at Meek Mill, people did more than show their hatred for Meek. Some of them started rumors that Meek and Nicki Minaj were about to split up because of the drama. Well, Nicki proved them wrong by referencing Meek Mill as her husband during the Atlanta concert over the weekend. That means there is no trouble between those two. However, as those split rumors were cleared up more surfaced. 

One of our favorite celebrity couples, Will and Jada Smith, get hit with divorce rumors just about every year. For some reason every time those rumors surface enough people believe it for it to spread. They don't always respond though. Usually Jada will respond by writing something on her personal Facebook page saying how much she loves her husband. However, Will Smith is so tired of the rumors surfacing that he decided to respond himself. 

Well, I'd respond to if people were reaching out to me expressing their condolences. We live in an odd time period. This is a time where more people want us to fail more than succeed, but it's not just our money they are trying to block. It's relationships too. Other people want to see us in unhappy relationships and eventually very single.  However, if you're a celebrity the attempts are magnified.

Just think about it. Why should a beef between Meek Mill in Drake end with Nicki Minaj breaking up with Meek Mill? Why after decades of marriage would rumors of Will and Jada splitting continue to surface? Remember the continuous rumors of Beyonce and Jay-Z parting ways or the rumors of Kanye cheating on Kim K. when she was pregnant with their first child? Then there is Ciara, Russell Wilson, and Future. 

No one wanted Ciara and Future to work out. I thought it was crazy that she was hooking up and attempting to marry a man with a track record of making women single mothers. Then she got pregnant and before she could have baby Future their relationship was ending. 

Now Ciara is with Russell Wilson. He seems to be a better guy, but their relationship is still fresh. They have so much more time to get to know each other and grow together. However, there are people out there that desperately want to see the couple fail. One of those is Future. Why would anyone want them to fail? It' simple. When you're successful and in a seemingly good relationship, there are tons of people that want to see it fail. 

That means you need to hold on to that good significant other if all eyes on are you and you want to make it work.