Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#LHHATL That Moment Margeaux Became Gay

So is Margeaux really gay?

Margeaux joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop as the wife of the man who did a sex tape with MiMi. MiMi had no idea Niko, the supportive husband, was actually married. From there it all got confusing. Her initial reason for being on the show was to defend her scumbag husband and work on their marriage. Then she decided to file for divorce and focus on her music career. Now on the finale she has announced that she is in a new relationship with a woman that looks like a man. Her rebound dick has a vagina.

Her new partner, Merika, is a woman but looks manly. Actually Merika looks like one of those really feminine gay men that models men's underwear. So what do you think? I think Margeaux is just a really weird woman that needs to stay away from reality television after this.