Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina, NY Times Focuses On The Food

Almost 10 years ago Hurricane Katrina was so destructive that millions of people were affected. Over a thousand people died. Most of the city flooded. People in New Orleans who had lived in the city their entire lives, or had made the city their home, were forced to move to new cities and states and start all over again. Once New Orleans started being rebuilt many of those people couldn't afford to move back.

Because of the destruction Hurricane Katrina called, NO went through a huge period of gentrification. That means the whole city looks wealthier and a whole lot more visitor friendly than it used to. It's not the same city as it was. If any publication was to write up on NO they could focus on the good and bad parts of gentrification. They could also focus on the families that would never be able to come back because property value is too damn high a lot more expensive. However, when the NY Times decided to write on New Orleans 10 years after Hurricane Katrina they focused on the food.

We all love to eat, but come on.