Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#LHHATL When Music Goes To Hell And You Follow It

What happens when a rapper walks onto a stage topless with an up-coming singer behind her? You get a made-for-Love & Hip Hop Atlanta performance.

Sometime during this ratchet season of LHHATL, a former stripper by the name of Jessica Dime appeared on our television screen. In the scene she was celebrating her last night as a stripper. Karlie Redd and some other ghetto chick was in that same scene tossing money and doing what people do in strip club dressing rooms.

Jessica Dime caught our attention for a few very reasons. The first one was her ass. Upon looking at her ass, you could tell she went to the wrong doctor. It just didn't even look like it fit her body. The other reason she caught our attention was her attitude. The woman has the nastiest attitude reality television has seen, and that's saying a lot. This is probably why Jermaine Dupri lovingly named her music stripper fight music.

So those of us that are reasonable knows that it takes some time to build a real music career. Because it's Vh1, MiMi actually said she could do magic on Jessica's career in 3 months. She probably would have succeeded if Jessica wouldn't have black-listed herself from all the major producers in the city by acting a fool in front of Jazze Pha. However, Mimi promised a showcase and she put together one. Instead of using the showcase to her best ability, Jessica does something else.

Jessica Dime showed up to the showcase with Margaux. She hopped on the stage topless and did a diss record toward MiMi with Margaux sounding horrible in the background. Watch that shit below.