Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chocolate City 2, Yes There's A Sequel

Remember the Chocolate City movie where Robert Ri'Chard's character became a stripper so he could make some real money? 

It was basically a movie that allowed him and Michael Jai White to show off their magnificent physical appearances. It also allowed Genuine to do a strip tease to his classic song Pony. There were also quite a few Magic Mike references since it was supposed to be the Black version. Other than that it had no real plot and barely lasted in the theaters long. Despite the lack of a storyline, someone decided that we needed to see more of these beautiful men, so we're getting a second movie. 

Chocolate City 2 will be coming soon, according to the Instagram page. Maybe there will be a real storyline this time. Then again, will a storyline matter? 

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