Monday, November 23, 2015

Just Because He's Black, Should We Support Him?

A Kentucky judge by the name of Olu Stevens will soon have to face the Supreme Court because he's been advocating for a fair trail for Black people that step into his court room.

On more than one occasion he has dismissed a jury because the defendant in the case was Black and the jury was all White. His reasoning was that a jury of all White people would already have a preconceived notion of whether the Black person was guilty or not. Other judges have disagreed with Judge Stevens methods and think he shouldn't be allowed to handle any more criminal cases.

It gets worse than what some judges thinks. There are online petitions to get the judge disbarred. There are also Facebook groups created to show hatred toward him and his family has received death threats.

However, not everyone is being negative toward the judge. Some people think Judge Stevens is doing his job appropriately and that we should rally behind him.

Your Black World is saying that the Black Lives Matters protestors and TV One should show support for  the judge. Do you agree?

Before you answer:
Louisville, Kentucky has a 20% population of Black people.
According to google there are 597,337 people in Louisville city limits as of 2015.
136,705 of them are Black.
That means that if a jury of a person's peers are supposed to be selected at random across the city, then there's no guarantee that even half of people that get called for jury duty on that specific day will be Black.
How often have you been called for jury duty and was looking for any excuse to not have to sit through the trial?

I want to be on the judge's side with this. Everyone deserves the right to a fair trial. However, there is no guarantee how jury will think whether they have the skin tone of the defendant or not.

What do you think? Should we support Judge Olu Stevens?

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