Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Social Media Arguing, "Folks Just Want To Pop Off"

In the words of President Barack Obama, "Folks just want to pop off." For real, people just want to get mad and argue. If the lack of your phone ringing doesn't tell you how people feel about you, controversy on social media will let you know. 

A couple of days ago, Friday the 13th, there were attacks in several different countries caused by different terrorist groups. ISIS hit up Paris and because it's the city of love, Paris received the most press. There were other reasons why Paris received the most attention, but we'll just stick to the love concept. Enough people felt emotionally moved by the attacks that Mark Zuckerberg added a flag application on Facebook for people to show support. The Paris flag went up on a lot of Facebook profiles, but then there were also people that was pissed. 

There were people who complained that people who supported the flag were showing support to a place that brought in slaves and still has 13 African countries paying taxes to it. There were complaints that there wasn't as much attention shown to the Kenya terrorist attacks that happened back in April. There were complaints that flags from all the other places that had terrorist attacks should be added as an option too. There so many complaints that people went into full fledged arguments under statuses. 

If one person tried to explain their rationale for supporting Paris, another person would try to change their opinion by practically calling them dumb. The other person would have a comeback about how the government doesn't care about Black lives and Black lives are what we should be supporting. If both parties continued to disagree they would go so far as to attack each other's self worth. It was crazy, but this is nothing new to see on social media. 

People aren't just arguing over terrorist attacks. They are arguing over celebrities, education, racism, protesting, freedom of speech, parenting choices, opinions on friendships, and physical appearances. People online argue in groups just to start up arguments. They argue with their family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and strangers. It's a lot to read and it gets annoying. It gets kind of boring too. 

I used to wander why my phone didn't ring a lot. I used to want more friends to hang out with, laugh together, and have embarrassing moments with. However, social media has taught me that I may be good just the way I am because "Folks just want to pop off." People want to hide behind computer screens and attack each other. 

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