Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've Had Enough

Yesterday my roommate called herself giving me some advice. The advice was that I need a boyfriend. At first I wanted to get mad. What does she know about my love life? I did just meet her a little over a week ago. However, this poem I wrote a couple of months ago came to mind. I wrote this for your enjoyment so hope you like it.

So, as I was watching the Tiny and Toya show I decided to try and write a song. The words started flowing on the paper, but since I can't sing I decided to just leave it as a poem so check out my last poem called...


I've had enough
Oh, I've had enough

I want somebody to love
Really, I want somebody to love

You talk about your man
You talk about his touch
You talk about his kiss
You talk about his love
You say he’s nice to you
You say he’s right for you
You say he’s special
You say he’s the one
Yeah, I hear you talking about him
But I don’t want to hear it
Cause I’m lonely and…

I've had enough
For real, I've had enough

I want somebody to love
Really, I want somebody to love

Sitting up in my room
And watching The Kendra Show
Kendra and Hank used to be cute
But now I don’t like them no mo’
Cause they pull up feelings
Feelings that are slowly making me lose control
Got me thinking about having a special someone
Going with a man to the movies
Or going with him for a walk in the park
Maybe even holding his hand as we walk up and down the beach
Or even just chillin’ at home as we cuddle up
Oh, I know I sound messed up
But I blame it on Kendra and Hank
Cause before them I was just fine
I know you’re thinking
But that’s my truth
So couples I’m tired of seeing you
I want my own man
Yeah, I want my own man

I've had enough
Yeah, I've had enough
I want somebody to love
Can I have somebody to love?

You're the first to read this poem on here so tell me what you think..

By the way the second season of "Kendra" premieres tonight at 10pm eastern on E!

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