Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sean Garrett Is Demeaning Nicki Minaj's Decision Making Skills...

Or at least in he's trying to take all of the credit for Minaj's song "Massive Attack." In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine Garrett explained how Minaj almost refused to do the song.

Vibe Magazine Interview
For over a month, Sean Garrett has served as the ultimate hypeman behind Nicki Minaj's first official single, "Massive Attack," splashing exclamations throughout interviews and even admitting to VIBE that Jamie Foxx had once pleaded for the record.
Now that it's finally here, Nicki's loyal pack of Barbs have surprisingly polarized opinions about the song. Some abhor it, some are engrossed, many find it middling, but with such an amalgam of initial thoughts, is it possible Nicki had fickle views of her song as well?
"[When] I first played that motherfucking 'Massive Attack' [for Nicki], I could tell that she was trying to be cool like ‘I can’t tell that motherfucker that that shit is that crazy,'" Garrett recalls, mentioning that the two had playfully sized each other up upon meeting. "And her assistant was like, 'Yo Nicki, you need to go back to that fucking record.'"
Though Garrett chuckles that his client was on her "superstar shit"—embodied by recording attire that included a hot pink chinchilla coat and dark mammoth shades—he says Minaj quickly asked to claim the record hers, and hers alone.
"[I told Nicki] the only way I could give ['Massive Attack"] to her, is if I stay on my record. But Nicki was like, 'I don’t wanna do that,'" Garrett says. "Nicki’s a Barbie and Barbies are spoiled and shit, so I wasn’t mad at that [laughs]. But we had to work it out cause I was like 'Nah, I can't give that up unless I rock on it. And together we made that motherfucker massive!'"
Garrett and Minaj are both prepping for the anticipated video debut of "Massive Attack," as well as their second collaboration "Get It All." —Tracy Garraud

Video of "Massive Attack" Coming Soon

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